Boris comes under fire for comparing Chequers deal with Greek financial crisis

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BoJo has reiterated his imaginative situations about the Chequers agreement by commenting that the deal struck in July could lead to the situation that enveloped Greece in 2011. Ed Vaizey, Michael Gove’s best man, tweeted in reply, “No it doesn’t” to Boris’ suggestion that there was a correlation between the two.

The squabbling can only get louder once the holidays are over, Gerry thinks.

Andy Burnham: Second referendum campaigners are “arrogant”

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Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester and former leadership contender, has taken the line of the leaders’ office, naming the campaigns for a People’s Vote as “inflaming the idea of an arrogant political class, which is isn’t listening and isn’t dealing with the issues.” This comes at a time when a new poll has found that Labour voters would back a second referendum.

Gerry thinks that the splits are beginning to emerge and a new centrist party is getting ever closer…

Another fun Brexit ‘crisis summit’ to quell fears

Theresa May is going to treat her Cabinet to yet another summit to talk about the now almost inevitable situation of a no-deal. This is obviously the result of lobbying from Brexiteers, furious about the Chequers deal.

Gerry has lost count of however many times we have been informed of ‘crisis summit’, it seems as though there’s one every week.