Salmond breaks his funding target in a few hours

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Having launched a campaign to raise money for his legal fees, Alex Salmond has now raised all the money required to pursue his case (£50,000) within the space of a few hours. He has remarked that any excess cash will be put to good causes. Rhoda Grant, the Scottish Labour spokesperson for women, said that he was “dragging Scotland  into the gutter.”

This shows that some Scots are obviously still on his side, Gerry thinks…

Former Cabinet minister bodyguard: The Tories are much more fun to look after

With the latest BBC drama about a bodyguard and a home secretary providing late holiday entertainment for the Westminster bubble, the former private protection officer to a cabinet member has reported that they enjoyed looking after Conservative politicians because they “go to more interesting places” and take “better holidays.”

It’s not much of a holiday is your bodyguards are there, Gerry thinks…

Chris Williamson: Scared Labour MPs should get behind deselection plans

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Chief purger Chris Williamson has written today that moderate MPs should embrace the concept of their seats being taken away from them and being replaced by a disciple of Jezza. This is in response to many seats that have potentially un-loyal incumbents being replaced by Momentum.

Hmmm, Gerry thinks.