Forget Brexit, let’s argue about chicken!

Gerry knows that this is silly season, but some members of the Twittosphere seemed to have got extremely bored. Dawn Butler, the Labour Shadow Cabinet member, has critisiced Jamie Oliver for his apparent cultural appropriation over jerk rice. Butler said:

‘I’m just wondering do you know what Jamaican jerk actually is? It’s not just a word you put before stuff to sell products. Levi Roots should  do a masterclass. Your jerk rice is not OK. This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop.’

Deputy Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly also seems to have finished watching Nordic-noir series on Netflix and has had an argument with Butler about the many things that this country has taken from other cultures, a ‘defining feature of British culture.’

Gerry wonders if they could stop bickering for just one day…

Barry Gardiner: People’s Vote could lead to ‘civil diobedience’

Barry Gardiner has said that having a second referendum would give ‘succour to the far right’ and challenge the ‘democratic principles’ of the UK. The Shadow International Trade Secretary said that a vote could lead to violence on the streets, in a move that could easily polarise metropolitan Labour voters in favour of a second vote, Gerry thinks.

At least he knows what he thinks…

Police Federation chief: ‘Thank you doesn’t cut it, PM’

The Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales  told the Prime Minister that thanking the security services is lovely, but actually doing something would be even better. The government needs to ‘wake up’ from it’s slumber and put some adequate investment into the security services, he said on the Politics Home Central Lobby.

Some of you may remember her speech to the Federation in 2014, looks like they’re still bitter…

Boundary Review expected next month

It has become clear that the Boundary commission will publish it’s ‘Final Recommendations’ on September 5th. The moves will almost certainly be helpful to Tories, with the Conservatives potentially picking up twenty extra seats. It will also almost certainly lead to more wide-scale deselection purges from Momentum.

Gerry can smell blood…

New Toby Young report for CPS

Toby Young, Spectator columnist and free Schools advocate, has written a new report for the Centre for Policy Studies, the centre-rights’ reliable think-tank.

Here’s a bit of the intro…

In this report, endorsed by Nick Timothy, Theresa May’s former Chief of Staff, Toby Young identifies a key problem that has hobbled technical and vocational education in Britain for more than 100 years and proposes a radical solution. In the report, ‘Technically Gifted’, he argues that we must break the Gordian Knot linking technical education to academic failure by allowing specialist schools to select their pupils according to aptitude for their occupational specialisms, instead of being forced to take those rejected by their mainstream neighbours as not bright enough to cope with the ‘common core’ of academic GCSEs. Rather than thinking of technical and vocational schools as second best for children of below average ability, as they have been since the beginning of the 20th Century, we should regard them as schools of opportunity for children of all abilities who have a particular flair for this type of education. And the pupils at these schools should still be expected to do the ‘common core’, thereby ensuring they don’t become an ‘alternative pathway’ for those who cannot cope with a broad and balanced curriculum.’