Dominic Raab flies out for last stages of negotiations


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Well, here we are.

After two years of tense and seemingly largely stagnating negotiations with Brussels, the UK and the EU are supposed to be near a deal. Although there won’t be one tonight, when Dominic Raab returns next week or during the summit on Wednesday or even before then, we may be in the situation that diplomats and mandarins in both Brussels and Whitehall have craved for months. A deal. It might not be the deal many ideologues on both sides wanted, but it will be deal nonetheless. Of course, if something goes catastrophically wrong and the sides cannot agree on key points of legislation then we could be heading for the no-deal scenario so detested and feared by many ‘scaremongers.’

However, the mood in Westminster is now more confident of a deal than it was a month ago, when the planning and medical rationing was undertaken. Many people in Britain now feel like Graham Norton, who joked last week that this Brexit situation was like when you casually remark about being hungry enough to eat off your leg, and then actually go and do it. However bad the decision may be, let’s just do it and get all of this over with. If a deal is reached, be it this week or in December, a palpable collective sigh of relief will be heard through all of Westminster, and indeed the country. Finally, politicians may start to talk about something different, instead of being fixated on the one issue of the day. Theresa May could well be hastily removed from power, and a fresher, more youthful and energetic face brought in. We shall see. What matters at the moment is that an agreement¬† reached between the UK and Brussels, however fudged, added to Canada, divided by Chequers, multiplied by Norway or whatever, would be an improvement on the ideology and identity politics we have right now.

Gerry can’t wait…

Next chief exec: No-deal won’t be a disaster

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The Chief Executive of Next, Simon Wolfson, has claimed that although no-deal is not his favoured option, it won’t a disaster, despite his companies’ reliance upon cheap labour from Europe and the need for quick transactions across Europe. He also claimed that the government is not preparing properly for that situation.

The government might leap upon this one…

Nick Clegg barred from university event

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Nick Clegg’s event with the Sheffield University Young Liberals has been cancelled due to ‘security concerns.’ This follows what some see as a worrying trend as figures unpopular with left-leaning students are barred from speaking due to their ‘wrong’ views.

Being non-platformed in your own city is a bit sad, whatever happened to free speech, Gerry inquires?…

PM assures MPs of no long-term customs union

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Theresa May has assured her colleague that the UK won’t be ‘trapped’ into a customs union. A No10 spokesperson said that any backstop deal would be only ‘temporary.’ This comes as senior Cabinet members were threatening to resign if a customs deal was agreed after a meeting yesterday of select ministers.

The bickering¬†continues…


Cabinet members threaten to resign as PM’s ‘hell week’ continues

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Members of Theresa May’s Cabinet are once again thinking of resigning over the PM’s plan to keep the UK in a form of customs union after March next year. Brexit supporters Esther McVay, who endured a torrid day yesterday, Andrea Leadsom, who has never kept her leadership ambitions quiet and Penny Mordaunt, who has refused to fully back the Chequers proposal, are all thinking of giving up their front-bench positions as the result of negotiations with Brussels nears. This all comes as the pressure on the PM is incresing by the day.

What fun, Gerry thinks…

Tony Blair claims that there is a 50/50 chance of second referendum

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Tony Blair has said that there is a 50-50 chance of s People’s Vote happening, as their is ‘no majority’ in parliament for whatever deal Theresa May brings back. He also issued a rallying cry to Remainers to ‘hold firm’ as each of the choices about the Northern Irish backstop presented are ‘unpalatable’.¬† Blair has previously rubbished the Chequers compromise as ‘mush’, the only result he will accept being remain.

With a Brexit showdown approaching in the coming months ahead, the Remainers might not want him as their main image…