Labour will wait for May’s Brexit deal to be defeated before pursuing no-confidence vote

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The Shadow Housing Secretary, John Healey, has said that Labour will not pursue a no-confidence vote in Theresa May’s premiership until the Withdrawal Agreement has been defeated in Parliament. This announcement comes at a time when other parties are putting Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to announce the motion, which currently does not look like it has a way past the Commons.

Kicking it into the long grass has become an especially British tendency, Gerry thinks…

Labour tables motion of no-confidence in May

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Labour has finally tabled the no-confidence motion in Theresa May as Prime Minister, as pressure to pursue a General Election increases on Jeremy Corbyn. Labour had previously briefed journalists that they would only put forward the motion if May didn’t announce the date of the rescheduled vote on her Brexit Deal, which she later did, but they have now tabled the motion, saying that May has led the country into a ‘constitutional crisis.’

If he loses, the demand for a second referendum will get louder and louder, Gerry fears…

PM: Second referendum would break faith with Britons and democracy

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Theresa May has said that having a ‘People’s Vote’ would divide the country even more and that it would break faith in democracy. The constant wailing of those who didn’t get the right result last time would ‘break faith with the British people’ if Parliament was to vote for a second vote.

Gerry thinks that May should call a second referendum, but between no-deal or her deal. Then it would be plain for all to see the true colours and reasoning behind the Losers Vote campaign.

May makes little progress in talks with Brussels

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Theresa May ha made little progress once again today as she seeks ‘reassurances’ from Brussels over the backstop with Northern Ireland. This came after May and Jean-Claude Drunker argued over whether one had called the other a mean name.

Let Gerry make this very clear. The backstop with NI is a non-issue. It makes no difference whatsoever. It probably won’t come into effect and if it does it still doesn’t matter. NI is not being ‘annexed’ like right-wing obsessives would have you believe. There are already trade checks on the border. The social conservative nature of the DUP means that they have many different laws from us. It’s called devolution, for heaven’s sake. Don’t get whipped up in this longing-for-something-to-whine-about frenzy. The mood is Europe is correct: whatever you do, the Charles Moores and Rees-Moggs and other boring ‘principled’ people will always find something wrong with the deal. They are indeed principled, and that is exactly the problem. They are not pragmatic, principled about something that doesn’t matter any more than their complaints that they can’t find any cheap Eastern European women to clean up their toilets for them after Brexit.  If the deal is voted down because of silly frustrations like these, we will get no-deal and just you wait to see what they will say then, Gerry says mournfully.

New cabinet Secretary launches Cabinet leaks crackdown

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The new Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill, has initiated a crackdown on leaks from the Cabinet table, in a move that may well take James Forsyth of the Spectator out of work. After every meeting of the Cabinet, Forsyth would be given an avalanche of information of the meetings without a full script.  Sedwill has now ordered an inquiry into who the leakers are issued a warning to others.

Gerry is rather disappointed…

Tory leadership race begins as May holds on by a thread

The race to become the next leader of the Conservative Party has unofficially began as Theresa May has lost most of her remaining political authority in the small victory last night in the no-confidence motion. Sajid Javid is widely tipped to be a potential next leader, along with the usual Boris gang and fringes of support for Jacob Rees-Mogg and other loons.

Here we go, let the job promises begin, Gerry says…