John Humphrys presents last Today programme

John Humphrys in the Today programme studio

John Humphrys has presented his final Today programme after 32 years as the most vociferous interviewer in Britain. His style has always been controversial, but inspired fear among the most expedient of politicians. The programme today featured interviews with Tony Blair and David Cameron, two beats who suffered at the hands of this media beast.

Gerry for one thinks he will be a loss…

Cameron ‘sought Queen’s help’ in Scottish referendum

The Queen attends a cabinet meeting

David Cameron has said that during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, he sought the advice of the Queen, who urged him to think ‘very carefully’ about his policy. This advice put a ‘different perspective on things’. Cameron will be speaking in a documentary The Cameron Years, to be aired on the BBC shortly.

That was one gamble which played well, Gerry admits…

EU talks begin as delay ruled out by Johnson

Boris Johnson, Jean-Claude Juncker

Boris Johnson will tell Jean-Claude Juncker today that the UK is not prepared to extend Brexit beyond the deadline of October 31st as talks on a potential deal finally awake from their enforced slumber. Talks in Luxembourg are before the mega-summit next month of the European Council, weeks before the supposed deadline.

Gerry can’t see how they are going to get round the backstop…

Bercow issues last-ditch stand against government

Image result for bercow

John Bercow has said that he will use ‘creativity’ to stop a no-deal exit as the time runs out for Parliament to stop that eventuality. With Boris Johnson trying to run down the clock and Bercow resigning as Speaker, the latter wants to leave a iconoclastic legacy.

Gerry may agree with what he is trying to put forward but he is supposed to impartial and has therefore been a failure as Speaker…

Calls for Parliament recall grow as Yellowhammer document published

Dominic Cummings

Requests for information to be released about Operation Yellowhammer – the worst-case scenario in a no-deal Brexit has been placated, with emails and text messages between senior figures not yet made public. The document warns of businesses having to cease trading, and protests disrupting British life.

Gerry doesn’t think that trashing the country’s economy for political gain is the mark of a statesman…


Tom Watson to square off with Corbyn over Brexit stance

Tom Watson

Tom Watson is to make a speech today saying that ‘there is no such thing as a good Brexit deal’, putting him at odds with Jeremy Corbyn, who said yesterday that a ‘credible’ deal would be put on a ballot paper somewhere-or-other. This spat continues the leader’s ambiguity over Brexit, trying to please both sets of voters.

For once, Gerry agrees that those who stand in the middle will get run over…