Five week campaign starts as Parliament is dissolved

Prime Minister Boris Johnson conducts his last cabinet meeting before the general election, at 10 Downing Street on November 5

The UK has entered into the five-week campaign time as Parliament is dissolved and MPs spend their time campaigning across the country. The period of purdah means impartiality is especially instructed from civil servants, and it is from now on the internet civil war will be fought, and the manifesto launches in a short time as well.

May the odds be ever in your favour, Gerry says…

Lib Dems pledge £50 billion for public services at campaign launch

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson is to announced later today a ‘Remain bonus’ of £50 billion today at their campaign launch. The Lib Dems will need to present a vision that goes beyond Brexit, and tackling climate change and funding public services will ned to play a role in that. The party now has 21 MPs, and will need to keep their rise in the polls up to get the much bigger number that they desire.

Gerry hopes that this popularity lasts…


Lindsay Hoyle elected as Commons speaker

Honourable MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been elected by MPs to be the next Speaker of the Commons, after beating Chris Bryant in the last round of voting. Hoyle has been the Deputy Speaker for some time and will hopefully bring the office back to some normality after the damage inflicted on it by John Bercow.

Gerry is very pleased and thinks him a good man…

Former Tory Antoinette Sandbach defects to the Lib Dems

Antoinette Sandbach

The ex-Conservative MP Antoinette Sandbach has defected the Liberal Democrats, saying that they are the only party fighting to stop Brexit and bring about a brighter future. Having lost a vote of no-confidence in her local constituency after voting against the government on anti-no-deal legislation, she faces a tough battle to keep her seat given the Lib Dem’s poor showing at recent elections.

A good asset, Gerry thinks…

Former Tory Antoinette Sandbach joins Lib Dems

Antoinette Sandbach

Former Conservative MP Antoinette Sandbach has defected to the Liberal Democrats after loosing the Party whip in the Commons and losing a vote of confidence in her local constituency. She will now stand as the Lib Dem candidate in Eddisbury, where she will need to turn over a large Conservative majority. She previously backed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, but voted against the proposed time for the legislation to pass, and had the whip removed for voting against the prospect of no-deal, along with twenty-one other Tories.

A good asset, Gerry thinks…

John Bercow to stand down as election campaigns begin in earnest

John Bercow in the House of Commons

John Bercow is having his last day as Speaker of the House of Commons as all three main parties begin their election campaigns with their main causes. Jeremy Corbyn pledged to boot out the ‘corrupt’ elites who supposedly run Britain, Boris Johnson played the blame game by saying it was everyone else’s fault that Brexit had been delayed, and Jo Swinson said that Brexit needed to be stopped. No surprises there, then.

Gerry thinks this will be an extremely divisive campaign…


Election campaign begins as labour focus on non-Brexit strategy

Image result for corbyn campaign

An unofficial Labour briefing for the upcoming election on December 12 has been released, with claims that that the party cannot ‘mention Remain’ to the electorate because ‘93%’ of current Labour seats are threatened predominantly by Conservatives. The briefing also commands campaigners to ‘Ignore Blairite MPs’, ‘Do not mention that European Referendum topic, whatever it was called’, and to only push the image of Jeremy Corbyn gently at the start, and wait for his popularity ratings to increase. The document also says that main Labour figures such as Laura Pidcock, Barry Gardiner, Andrew Gwynne and Rebecca Long-Bailey should be ‘amplified’ in the media. Heaven knows why.

Gerry does not think this is going to work spectacularly well…

Parliament rejects December 12 election motion

Parliament has rejected the government’s proposal for an election on the 12 December, but the Lib Dem and SNP plan tomorrow to put forward a motion for a nationwide poll three days earlier is expected to pass, as it does not require the 2/3rds majority needed for an election under the Fixed Terms Parliaments Act.

Gerry definitely hopes they get the vote through tomorrow…