David Gauke to stand as independent on second referendum platform

David Gauke

Former Tory Cabinet minister David Gauke has announced that he is to stand in the election as an independent candidate on a second referendum platform. Gauke was previously the Justice Secretary and was exiled after voting against no-deal, and said that a Johnson majority would be ‘very bad for our country’.

Gerry thinks he’s right…


Labour copies Lib Dem plans for education

Corbyn and Rayner

Labour has announced a £3billion plan for adult education, taking the idea from a Lib Dem proposal for £10,00 for every adult as a result of increasing corporation tax. Labour, however, have of course not clearly stated where in the world this huge amount of money is going to come from, with the CBI saying that the plan was ‘too expensive’.

Gerry thinks so too…

Lib Dems pledge £10,000 for every adult to boost education

Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson has said that a Lib Dem government would enable a ‘skills wallet’ of £10,00 for every adult to provide them with education in the workplace. The party has said that it would pay for this by reversing the government’s reduction of corporation tax, putting it back up to 20%.

Gerry thinks they need to show that they have a life beyond Brexit…

Main parties pledge cash as borrowing set to increase

Image result for sajid javid"

Both Sajid Javid and John McDonnell pledged huge amounts of money to public services through borrowing as the ‘age of austerity’ was definitively brought to a close yesterday. Javid promised to put in billions to public services and borrow to fund more spending plans, while Labour have said that if elected they will spread what wealth and growth is left out of London and to the North and Midlands. A spending pot of £250 billion is apparently to be found somewhere, going to wards a ‘Green Transformation Project’.

Gerry doesn’t think they will have the cash…

Remain Alliance begins as dozens of seats pledge support

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, pictured at the launch of former Tory MP Sam Gyimah's election campaign in Kensington, has agreed to the electoral pact after ruling out working with Jeremy Corbyn

The long-suspected Remain Alliance has finally come to electoral fruition with the announcement that around 65 constituencies will see the Lib Dems and Greens not standing against each other, extending to Plaid Cymru in Wales. It should help to get a united Remain voice, with Boris Johnson still coping with the threat of the Brexit Party to split his vote and stop Labour leavers coming over the Tories.

Gerry is pleased at this benevolent cooperation…

Tom Watson steps down as MP

Tom Watson

Labour Deputy leader Tom Watson has stood down, a move which help Corbyn to put in a loyal apparatchik in his place. Watson cited ‘personal, not political reasons’ for his departure, but relations with Head Office have been tetchy to say the least, with Watson’s consistent drive for a second referendum divisive despite that supposedly being the party position.

Gerry will not forget his shameful virtue-signalling in the Carl Beech inquiry…

Five week campaign starts as Parliament is dissolved

Prime Minister Boris Johnson conducts his last cabinet meeting before the general election, at 10 Downing Street on November 5

The UK has entered into the five-week campaign time as Parliament is dissolved and MPs spend their time campaigning across the country. The period of purdah means impartiality is especially instructed from civil servants, and it is from now on the internet civil war will be fought, and the manifesto launches in a short time as well.

May the odds be ever in your favour, Gerry says…