Government to set out Brexit plan to Parliament

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is to set out his proposals for a new Brexit deal to the Commons as the EU prepares to mount a response. With Brussels continually saying that they want to avoid no-deal, the logic for them is surely to accept this new deal, given it is the only option for both parties, and compromises on the Irish backstop.

Gerry knows that this deal will be bad economically for the UK but also thinks it is the only way of a voiding the catastrophe of no-deal…

Johnson to set out negotiating tactics in search for deal

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At his first conference speech as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to set out his strategy for the coming days in trying to get a negotiated deal with Brussels before October 31st. Stating that Remainers want Brexit, which would be a compromising position to say the least, Johnson said that he was searching for a ‘fair and reasonable’ solution, with the constant question for the Irish backstop in mind.

Gerry is not sure there is much action behind the bluster…

Government prepares negotiation strategy for deal

Stephen Barclay and Michel Barnier

The Government is believed to have prepared a legal text for a potential deal with Brussels before October 31st, as Conservative Party conference continues. To deal with the backstop in Ireland,¬†they have¬†proposed ‘customs clearance zones’, whatever that means, probably a fancy term intended to give the impression that such a solution is in any way workable.

Gerry hopes, but is not particularly hopeful…

Tory spending spree as conference resumes amid chaos

Boris Johnson

The Conservative Party conference begins in earnest today as Boris Johnson tries to switch onto the domestic agenda for a genera election. The Chancellor Sajid Javid is to announce that fourteen major roads in Britain will be upgraded, with a twenty-five billion pound bill. The Prime Minister is facing a crisis over his alleged affair and misdealings with Jennifer Arcuri, and his alleged groping of journalist Charlotte Edwardes.

A nice time to switch the subjects and pledge some cash, Gerry thinks…

Parliament returns as Johnson looses control

Brexit: Supreme Court Considers Suspension Of Parliament ...

Boris Johnson is being pressured to apologise to the Queen as Parliament returns this morning in its bid to stop a no-deal Brexit. The decision by the Supreme Court yesterday to outlaw the prorogation has led to Jacob Rees-Mogg calling the situation a ‘constitutional coup’.

Gerry thought the coup bit was when he silenced a democratic body…

Westminster awaits Supreme Court decision on prorogation

Supreme Court judges

the Supreme Court judges are to decide whether to declare Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament as illegal. If he is ‘found guilty’, then Parliament could be reconvened almost immediately and the fight against no-deal given more time to pass laws. Johnson could well go and ask the Queen for another prorogation if he loses, in which case everything gets really feisty.

Gerry wants Johnson to be defeated but isn’t sure about the role of judges in the political sphere…