John McDonnell: Churchill was a ‘villain’

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The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called Winston Churchill a ‘villain.’ Speaking at a Politico event, McDonnell labelled as such because Churchill’s role in the Tonypendy riots of 1920, when he called in military forces to deal with violent protesters.

It doesn’t get rid of the his party’s image as historically revisionist though, does it, Gerry asks?…

Olly Robbins in hot water

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The UK’s Brexit negotiator, Olly Robbins, is currently in hot water over comments he reportedly made in a Brussels hotel bar, which were picked up by ITV’s Angus Walker. Robbins said that he is planning to get the May deal through by attempting to persuade Brexiteers that it is the choice is either the Withdrawal Agreement or a Brexit extension. The move comes as May was trying to sure up support for her battered deal, but the comments from someone who has long been seen as a Remainer will not go far in placating hardliners.

It definitely won’t gone down well, Gerry says…

May brings forward statement to announce she is bringing back the actual decision

Theresa May has announced that she is to delay the point at which she may actually make progress in the Brexit debacle. In her statement in the Commons today, which was brought forward, she announced that she wanted more time to get everything she needed from Brussels. Some are now speculating that the actual Meaningful Vote will now happen perhaps just days before the 29th March, when the UK leaves the European bloc. In vintage May style, she made a Commons statement, what used to be a vaguely momentous occasion, as dry as, well, Theresa May.

She is now the epitomisation of boredom, Gerry says…

Tories would win election if called today, says poll

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Theresa May would win an election if one was held today, a new poll has found. Despite her party being in disarray over Brexit, voters are also evidently uncomfortable about voting for Jeremy Corbyn. The poll comes as some in the government are contemplating a General Election, which Labour has repeatedly called for, as a ‘least-worst option.’

Brenda from Bristol would certainly not be very happy, Gerry thinks…

May angers hardline Tories over Corbyn letter

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Theresa May threatens to anger many in her own party who are vehemently opposed to a Customs Union as she set a lukewarm tone with Jeremy Corbyn in a letter yesterday. The PM said that she thinks leaving the Union is right, but did not rule out that possibility entirely, to the anger of those such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, who set it as as not a full and proper version of Brexit as it it would keep the UK tied to more EU trade regulations.

Gerry agrees, but staying in it may be the only solution to stop a no-deal catastrophe…