Johnson slides towards no-deal as EU holds firm

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s government looks to be heading for a no-deal exit as relations with the EU have already started to sour. A phone call with Leo Varadkar had little effect, and any chances of getting a hard Brexit deal without the backstop seem to be dwindling to nothing. Johnson’s new no-deal chief Michael Gove is no looking over the preparations for something that neither side want and is like, as one business head said earlier, ‘driving into a wall at 100mph and preparing by fastening your seatbelt.’

Gerry does not think that this reckless strategy is going to get anyone anywhere…

May to face final PMQs as Boris Johnson comes into power

Boris Johnson is to become Prime Minister as Theresa May resigns after her last PMQs at midday. It has also been announced that the former director of Vote Leave Dominic Cummings is to be appointed  senior adviser, a move that will cause much distaste among MPs, with Cummings an iconoclastic Dostoevksy fan (one good thing) who is known to be someone who does not deal with MPs.

Gerry is both excited and fearful about the new power-brokers. Johnson in power cannot command a majority in the Commons…