Chief Rabbi writes searing attack on Labour

Chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

In a letter to The Times, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has said that Labour’s idea that they have dealt with all anti-Semitism in the party is ‘mendacious fiction’, and urged his readers to vote ‘with their conscience’. It is an unprecedented attack during an election campaign, and all the usual stooges were out to defend Corbyn, and say, ‘by the way Israel.’ it all comes after the party still sees a large problem of anti-Semitism within its ranks.

Gerry doesn’t think Corbyn is going to take any notice unfortunately…

Tory manifesto shifts away from spending taps

Boris Johnson during a visit to Addenbroke's Hospital

Launching the Tory Manifesto yesterday, Boris Johnson moved away from the idea of spending huge amounts and instead focused on ‘Getting Brexit Done’ and his main pledge for £50,000 new nurses by 2024. He also promised to get his Brexit deal back before Christmas, and hopes that he will have the sufficient numbers to get it through easily. It gives the Tories the vague aura of financial responsibility, and has avoided the calamity of Theresa May’s ‘nothing has changed launch’ in 2017.

Gerry fears that this is going to plan for Johnson…

Party leaders to face Question Time grilling

The four leaders taking part in the Question Time special

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon will also be individually grilled by Fiona Bruce tonight on Question Time. With little ground currently between the two main parties on the debate front, it will be seen how they both respond while on their own. Swinson will be looking to repair her party’s poll slip and get her message across, whilst Sturgeon will spout the usual about Scotland and the perils of nationalis, despite being the Scottish National Party.

Gerry can’t wait…

Johnson pledges cut to National Insurance

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has accidentally said that he would cut National Insurance contributions if elected, with no workers having to pay anything in until they earn £95,000, with the threshold rising to £12,500 after an unspecified time. It has not been made clear where this money is to come from, and the heady Institute for Fiscal Studies placed the bill at £2billion. Labour said that this spending would hit public services, which is kinda what the are doing.

Gerry doesn’t think this is sustainable…

First TV debate sees both sides stuck

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn both managed to get nowhere in 55 minutes as the first election debate was held by ITV. With a disastrous presenter in Julie Etchingham, and a dreadful format, they both struggled to get any coherent responses back to the evidently biased and generic questioners. There will be another chance on Friday to set the score straight.

Gerry thinks Johnson did much butter than old Grandpa Jezza…

Main parties begin wooing business

Boris Johnson wearing a suit and tie

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, and Jo Swinson are to set out their plans for business as the launch of manifestos draws closer. Corbyn is to announce 32,000 new apprenticeships, Johnson some tax cuts, and Swinson will say that the Lib Dems are really the part of business because they won’t let the damage of leaving the EU, well, happen.

Gerry doesn’t think the big two are going to deliver if elected on getting the economy back on its feet…

Tories promise to lower immigration

Commuters in central London

Boris Johnson has stuck a clear dividing line between him and Jeremy Corbyn by supporting the idea that the Home Office will attempt to reduce immigration ‘overall’, a pledge that many Tories have tried and failed to achieve. It was announced by Home Secretary Priti Patel, and so has no credibility.

At least she is not proposing to hang anyone just yet, Gerry supposes…