Hammond accused of scaremongering over ‘sub-standard’ no deal warnings

The Chancellor Philip Hammond has been accused once again of peddling fears over the financial future after Brexit, with Tory MP’s employing their favourite jibe of ‘PROJECT FEAR’ once again. Marcus Fysh, the MP for Yeovil, accused the Treasury of ‘anti-Brexit propaganda’, encouraged by ‘filth columnists.’ Hammond has also come under fire from the Express, the Mail and the Telegraph this morning, with all three leading on the chancellor’s ‘scaremongering’. The Mail called him ‘eeyore’, pursuing Project Fear MARK 2 the Express asked if he knew what he was playing at, and the Torygraph said that he was splitting the cabinet and is coming ‘under fire.’

Gerry wonders why doing your job and being fiscally realistic is such a bad thing…


Trump: Everybody would be very poor if I was impeached

Donald Trump has suggested to his favourite TV show, Fox and Friends, that the US economy would crash and ALL of his citizens would be somehow worse off if he was impeached.

Considering the financial volatility that Trump brings to the markets anyway with his Twitter outburst, fun little trade wars and childish character, Gerry is somewhat curious as to how the markets would go down if this man was removed in the long term…

Poll: Seven in ten would change their consumer behaviour in no deal

A new poll released by KPMG has found that seven in ten Brits would spend less in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with 54% believing that no-deal will be the result of the seemingly fruitless negotiations with the EU.

The findings in full:

  • 43% of the public said they were very likely or likely to cut everyday spending.
  • 45% of the public said they were very likely or likely to cut non-essential spending.
  • 48% of the public said they were very likely or likely to cut luxury spending.
  • 47% of the public said they were very likely or likely to delay major purchases.

So why don’t we just get a deal, not fighting a war of attrition over certain points of principle and engage in some realpolitik, Gerry inquires…

Public backs Mrs T more than Boris or Rees-Mogg

A new poll has found that the public backs Theresa over Boris or Jacob Rest-Mogg to win the next general election, after a Guardian/ICM study. The poll also revealed that voters would prefer an unspecified younger backbencher over the many names put in the hat for next Tory leader, a find that agrees with many other polls that put Jeremy Hunt BoJo, Rees-Mogg and Said Javid low in the approval ratings, potentially making way for a relatively unknown figure, such as Matt Hancock.

Gerry believes she’ll go next summer…


Vince Cable ‘thriller’ gets negative reviews

Vince Cable somehow found time to write a novel last year, presumably while not actually engaging in trying stop Brexit, as was so last month. his book, ‘Open Arms’ has received little praise online, with most Amazon commmenting on it’s dull nature (Gerry is very surprised) and the majority of readers giving the book a hardly impressive two stars. Waterstones customers were even more scathing, with a raft of one-star reviews, calling it ‘hard work’, ‘politically suffering’ and ‘politically confusing’.

Not exactly Jeffrey Archer yet, are we…