Anna Soubry labelled ‘ludicrous’ over Conservative infiltration

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Today’s Tory infighting is a row between Remainer Anna Soubry and Rob Halfon, who has criticised the former Business Ministers’ worries about hard Brexiteers i.e. former UKIP voters, joining the Conservatives in a fight to topple the PM as “absolute nonsense.” This current rift comes after the biggest Leave donator, Arron Banks, was blocked from becoming a member by party bosses. Remain-backing MPs are also worried of deselection at the next election because of the sudden large increase in their local membership.

Gerry sees the same air of deselection on the far-right and the far-left…

Jeremy Vine: Politicians have stopped telling the truth

It’s another BBC presenter putting out their opinion as Jeremy Vine, now taking on another job at Channel 5, has told the Torygraph that Brexit was fuelled by:

“the sense that that we have dressed a whole generation in sharp suits and put them on generous expenses, they stopped telling us the truth. 

He also rekindled the claimed bias on the Today programme commenting that if he’d listened to his listeners on Radio 2 before the 2016 vote, he may have predicted the eventual result better, rather than predicting a Remain victory because “most mornings I’m tuned to Radio 4.” 

Gerry is seeing the list of Beeb presenters speaking their minds is increasing


Brexit expert: No-deal unlikely, the stakes are too high

Georgina Wright, the Brussels expert at Chatham House, the foreign affairs think-tank, has said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, that a no-deal situation is unlikely, because it would be far too much of  political risk to take.

‘If you imagine the UK crashing out of the EU with no deal, at some point the EU and the UK are going to have to come back to the negotiating table. They are going to have to talk to each other.’

Maybe they should take her advice, before wasting years of a mini crisis and having to ration food and medical supplies, and change their childish behaviour, Gerry thinks…

Far-left Labour group: Back Corbyn’s Brexit position

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The rifts in Labour are becoming clearer by the day, as the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy,  a Corbyn-supporting organisation, run by the controversial Peter Willsman, has pledged it’s support for the current party stance, which does not call for a second referendum.

As Gerry has said before, this shows the working-class Leave voting Labour supporters getting their voices heard, against the largely metropolitan Remain supporters…