Tory leadership enters crucial week

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The Conservative Party in Parliament is to narrow down the candidates it sends to its members to just two this week. With Matt Hancock now backing Boris Johnson and many other moderates accepting their fate, it looks as though the former Foreign Secretary has a clear path to victory, despite refusing to go on the Channel 4 debate yesterday evening. MPs will now eliminate the candidates by making them secure thirty-three nominations and then increasing that number until only two are left.

Johnson needs to fail, Gerry says…

Matt Hancock considers stepping down in bid for Anyone But Boris

Matt Hancock

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock is apparently considering exiting the Tory leadership race, as the number of candidates in opposition to Boris Johnson rises. Having just about scraped the required number of supporters to get on the ballot, he is unlikely to gain any chance of winning top spot, and those MPs who loathe Johnson will want a unity candidate to back, considering Jeremy Hunt’s rise in support.

Gerry does not see why he is still in the race…

Labour wins Peterborough by-election

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Nigel Farage’s pernicious Brexit Party have failed their opportunity to win a seat in Parliament as they were defeated by Labour in the Peterborough by-election yesterday. The result will seem to be a jolt through the recent momentum that the party has gained after the European election results, and a disappointment to Farage.

Gerry is not surprised that they have been rejected…

Gove: No fixed date for Brexit departure

Michael Gove

Michael Gove has tried to position himself as the liberal Tory by saying that he is prepared to extend Brexit beyond the 31st October if there is a deal in sight.┬áSpeaking at a Spectator event, Gove claimed that he won’t be held back by a ‘fixed’ date to leave. The remarks will make him unpopular with many other intransigent Tories.

Gerry thinks it is a sensible idea…