Corbyn under pressure to confirm confirmatory referendum

Jeremy Corbyn

The pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to fully pursue a second Brexit vote from his own party has increased as his supporters see him holding last-minute talks over any future agreement with Theresa May. Corbyn will be eager not to be seen as facilitating a ‘Tory Brexit’, while also seeing the electoral pain that not cooperating would entail. 25 of Corbyn’s own MPs, including Shadow Cabinet ministers, wrote to the leader, urging him to make sure that Labour’s six tests are able to be ‘within reach’ in any future agreement. It comes as some of Corbyn’s closest Brexit confidantes are meeting with senior government figures in an attempt to thrash out any potential agreement, with May wanting a solution to be found by the end of this week so that a deal can be put to the Commons early next week, in the hope that Britain leaves this month and does not have to ask for an even longer delay from the EU, despite the Bill past last night by Yvette Cooper. There is growing animosity between different sections of the party, between those wary of a second vote, and senior figures such as Keir Starmer, who openly promote one as Labour party policy.

They are going to have to make a decision soon, Gerry says…

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