May’s days numbered in face of Cabinet plotting

Theresa May has seen the face of a leadership bid to replace her many times during her ignoble tenure as Prime Minister. After the 2017 General Election, she was confronted with many calls to resign, and her disastrous Brexit strategy has led to many failed leadership attempts. Now, as her plans to get her Withdrawal Agreement at the third time of asking look increasingly unlikely to succeed, her ability to stay in No10 looks as doubtful as ever. The revelations in many of the Sunday papers today about a Cabinet coup to put either Michael Gove or David Lidington as Interim PMs have been widely refuted by those supposedly involved. The plot may have already failed, the unwelcome publicity making it impossible to come to fruition. That said, there is little hope among the declining group of May supporters that there is much more of the road to travel along for the current incumbent.

The indicative votes that are (possibly) to go ahead this week may be non-binding, but the government could find a majority in Parliament for a t least something. They should take that opportunity, something that the Prime Minister is not willing to grasp.

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