A reminder: Donald Trump is a idiotic, malevolent buffoon

Image result for trump

Look at that photo. LOOK AT IT. We have a situation wherein the President of the United States praises the leader of hell-on-earth. He says that maybe this despotic tyrant didn’t really know of the worldwide news story of the torture and murder of a American student in his country. AN AMERICAN STUDENT. Trump is defending the murder of an American student. Don’t tell Gerry that this is diplomacy for you, go and read up on it, sonny. This is a worldwide competition for the contest of the most detestable man in the world. They all happen to be men, by the way. These people, the scum of the earth, hold the keys to some of the world’s largest nuclear weapons. Why are we letting the North Koreans persuade us that they are definitely, totally, going to pursue nuclear disarmament. You bet. Having spent most of the country’s minuscule budget on such a large-scale Strongest Man contest, they will just destroy all traces of any activity. Hunky-dory. Why are we being persuaded to believe this gargantuan load of rubbish? And how would we ever expect Donald Trump, who has managed to lose money or a colossal scale due to his massive mismanagement, would ever be able to get what would be his country’s interest?

Holy moly. You think Brexit is depressing? Just look over the ocean and see the Screaming Me Me enveloping all in his wrathful stupidity. 

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