Moment of reckoning for second referendum campaigners

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As the impasse in Parliament continues to show no chance of receding, the argument for putting the decision ‘back to the people’ increases in popularity. The millionaire-funded ‘People’s Vote’ campaign has somehow managed to persuade many across Britain that it is not an elitist plot to reverse the 2016 referendum and is in fact a legitimate campaign to compassionately give the people a say on their future. Unfortunately, the former is ultimately true. It was exemplified this week by the TV appearances of Tony Blair and backer Roland Rudd, whilst tucked away in their expensive coats over in the People’s Republic of Davos. When not sipping their champagne or dining in suitably liberal environments, they were on our screens, proclaiming their heroic message to save Britain from a Brexit catastrophe. It did not exactly give the complete whiff of the general proletariat.

Earlier today, the most prominent MPs in favour of a vote on the final Brexit deal, withdrew the amendment that would call for it because of the lack of support from Jeremy Corbyn. This is a clever move, as the campaign has been recently stepping up its rhetoric about the supposed dangers to the Labour Party if it ‘refuses to listen to young people.’ This is taking the assumption that all young people are all passionate Europhiles, as equally ludicrous as the suggestion that they are all winging snowflakes that is bleated out from the right. Corbyn is evidently not in favour of another vote, although, as one commentator put it, he is against in the North and for in the South.

From a fringe campaign to ‘national movement’, the campaign for a ‘People’s Vote’ has come a long way. Its ultimate victory would be to get the Labour Party behind it, which might well lead it to having a Commons majority. As Parliament descends on its prey in Theresa May’s deal in any form, the solution will get whittled down. A new vote may after all be a possibility.

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