The Battle for Amendments heats up

Image result for hilary benn

As the pivotal vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal comes closer by the hour, a number of amendments have been put forward, and some will be voted on before the Meaningful Vote is held in the Division Lobbies at around 7 o’clock this evening. Labour MP Hilary Been did have an amendment to vote down the deal but also not allow a no-deal eventuality, but has given in to party grandees who put him off it this morning. Normally loyal Tory MP Andrew Murrison is also proposing an amendment, which hopes to specify in the Withdrawal Agreement that the backstop will end on the 21 December 2021, an effort to bring round hard-line zealots who are opposed to the backstop. The latter is now the most prominent one in the running, which could force Theresa May to go back to Brussels and hope to get that concession.

The countdown continues, it will be an electric and eclectic night, Gerry thinks…

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