Theresa May deserves the respect and confidence of her party

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Remember this day. In years to come, we may see the 12th of December 2018 as a crucial moment in the future destination of the country. I have before highlighted on this blog why the hard-right in Theresa May’s party should be chucked out. They are a threat to their own party and to their country as a whole. By sabotaging and plotting they also risk letting in a man they supposedly despite in Jeremy Corbyn and his gang of mutineers. Theresa May has persevered. She has many a fault. But tonight’s confidence vote is a test of whether the Conservative Party have got any sense of credibility of what one might ignorantly call ‘patriotism’, wanting the best for the national interest, left inside them. Brexit is a proper mess. Don’t let the country fall over a precipice into a darker future ahead.

Vote for Theresa, strong and bloody stable and all that, Gerry says…

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