The Brexit deal has come

Image result for brexit

One step closer. That is the feeling of many a politician, journalist or perhaps member of the general public. One step closer to overcoming the Brexit mess and returning to so-called ‘normal’ politics. Today Theresa May finally got her Cabinet to agree on her Brexit withdrawal agreement with the EU. Now only one step remains. The final step will include some of the highest political drama seen in years. Many will try to mobilise forces against the Prime Minister in an attempt to further their vision of the famous B-word. Others will reluctantly support the PM, knowing that they could be blamed for a no-deal scenario or a hard-line Tory leader. The Labour will, of course, come up with the same twaddle about their six impossible-to-conform-with tests, which will lead most of them to vote against the new deal, apart from a few rebels who will, for once, speak their minds. Jeremy Corbyn will continue his long-standing act of pretending to care.

A busy few weeks ahead, but the hard negotiating with Brussels may just be over. Well done Theresa, Gerry says for once…

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