Why Trump will win the mid-terms

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Donald J. Trump is a disgrace to America. His ignorance, his abominable character and detestable comments make him an odious human being who has put shame to his office. And yet he keeps on winning. The lower the moral depths he plunges to, the deeper the depression we feel over his acts, the more he wins elections, and this will almost certainly be vindicated next week in the mid-term elections.

Trump never intended or really wanted to win the 2016 election. As a famous TV personality, running for president once again was bound to increase his views and become ratings gold, especially if he could win a few votes. In this disgraceful vein, Trump went on to make hugely controversial pledges about banning Muslims and building a wall to keep the ‘rapists’ of Mexico under control. The pledges were dismissed by the metropolitan liberals and silently endorsed in the yeehaw states in south and centre of the country. This lead to widespread polarisation as supporters of Trump were labelled ‘bigots’ and ‘xenophobes’, which had only one effect: more of them voted for the Orange Buffoon.

Since taking office at the beginning of 2017, the America economy has continued to expand, which has been taken upon by his supporters as a sign of how his economic strategy is working. The problem is that there is no economic strategy. Trump is not interested in economics, he’s not clever enough to deal with numbers, and only cares about signing big SHINY documents with his name on. The staff in the white House have consistently broken protocol by only referring to him as ‘Mr Trump’ instead of the usual ‘Mr President’, because the man in charge of the nuclear codes only cares about himself. The American economy is only booming because big businesses are getting bigger, and billionaires are becoming trillionaires under his watch.  They know that Trump couldn’t give a monkeys about what they do, since he knows what its like to have shiny Manhattan tower named after one’s self.

Despite his odious persona and lamentable governing style, the myth of a successful president who cares about the needs of his citizens is somehow getting through to millions through their cable networks. Not just Fox News, but also CNN, which is the most effective pro-Trump media machine. The constant accusations of ‘raaacist’ at the Screaming Me Me have only increased their anger at the way the liberal establishment cannot work out what has happened. As Freddy Gray rightly pointed out last week, whenever Trump goes low, which is a daily occurrence, the Democrats automatically stoop deeper, enforcing their group-think upon any deniers. If they are serious about challenging the President, the party of Obama and Roosevelt will have to look at itself in the mirror and find a solution out of their current shambolic position.

These mid-term election have always been a way of testing the popularity of any president halfway through their term. Donald Trump, with his daily, monotonous list of imbecilic and juvenile Twitter rants, may well prevail over his screaming and rather hopeless opponents. American politics has been potentially fatally polarised and it doesn’t seem as though that is going to come to an end any time soon. What a bigly horrific state of affairs.

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