This week has shown that the Tory right has lost the plot

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This week has shown that if Theresa May is to be ousted as Prime Minister, an act that would wreck the ongoing negotiations in Brussels and divide an already hugely fractious party into sects, it’s going to take some trying. Calling a no-confidence vote would not be in any way in the ‘national interest’, as the Maybot would put it herself, and would lead to a hugely damaging  contest for the crown that would entail a shouting match for the ideologues who would much rather spend most of their time in the watering holes and tea rooms of Westminster gossiping than in Parliament making decisions and enacting them. Although it may seem like a hell of a lot longer, Mrs May has only been in her current office for just over two years, and deserves more time to deliver on other promises, such as the domestic agenda laid out in her ‘burning injustices’ speech in July 2016. Brexit has dominated the news headlines and therefore the action taken in Whitehall, but there will come a time when other issues arise. A younger, fresher, more popular face may be good publicity for the Conservative Party, but it will live to regret removing it’s current leader at this crucial moment in time.

The situation now is like that faced by many a football team across the country. The season is not going well. Results are mediocre at best, and the exciting forwards bought in the transfer window aren’t paying off. Fans are annoyed, bored and discontented. There then comes a dilemma. Do we get rid of the manager and call for a new style of play, or give the current incumbent more time to turn things around. Championship managers in England have a job expectancy of around nine months. If you look at that, Theresa May must have got promoted at some stage, as she’s doing quite well. Two of her more outspoken play makers has eventually resigned, after criticising the manager’s tactics for a successful season. Safety in the league is 95% confirmed, but one little difficulty remains, and we will have to wait until the last day of the season until it can be beaten. The manager had a meeting with the players recently and they seemed very supportive and the fans just want them to get it over with. Whatever happens after the final day doesn’t matter now. Just stay up, keep your head above the water.

Those High Tory MPs in May’s party, who seemed to be calling the shots a matter of months ago, have thankfully been all but vanquished. Their attempted coup has failed to materialise and another one would be hard to muster after this latest surrender. Good. The government and the country are better off without rich zealots indulging in their ideological games of Risk. This isn’t public school anymore. The vitriolic language used by a number of MPs to Tim Shipman of the Sunday Times last week is a good example of how they have lost the plot. After years of being able to sit back in their safe seats and indulge themselves by criticising the current policy on Europe to their heart’s content, the armchair Paleosceptics have now been pulled into the quagmire, and all by their own doing. The sooner the PM can ‘chuck them out’ as Anna Soubry so eloquently put it, the better.

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