PMQs review: Safe for another week

And for another week, she goes on. Theresa May, with a rather battle-hardened voice, managed once again to weather the weekly Corbyn storm as PMQs ended with a resounding victory for the PM. Wearing her customary blue jacket, Mrs May answered every accusation of ‘Tory austerity’ with figures of how her party were increasing funding for public services. Coming out of her usual defensive tone and going on the attack, May seemed to replicate the Iron lady performances we saw at the start of her premiership in 2016.

While her claims that ‘austerity is over’ may be robotic twaddle, they certainly strike a chord with some and Corbyn struggled to set out a comprehensive attack as the full ‘for the workers’ mode turned on. With the Budget coming up next week, a spending spree from the Treasury seems to be eagerly anticipated from the Tory backbenchers and the tabloid press. Justine Greening urged a sorting out of the credit system and the Express led today with a ‘Dear Chancellor, splash the cash’ headline, with an expected £13 billion financial boost expected per year. Corbyn turned to the apparent failure of Universal Credit and the supposed plight of the police force in the West Midlands, but the PM easily brushed away his concerns with a promise of more money for the police and jobs created by the flagship policy of the right of the Tory Party.

Theresa May may be hanging on a very thin thread, but the thread is extremely plucky. It may be a while before she falls off.

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