Why Theresa May will last the Winter

May must choose: confront the EU or pick a fight with her party

This is apparently Theresa May’s ‘hell week mark three.’ It seems as though until she leaves, the Prime Minister will always be in the midst of a hellish time. With a Brexit deal just over the horizon, if she can stay until a deal comes back, Mrs May will stay as Prime Minister until the spring. Although there is obviously a lot of animosity in her own party among the hard-core Eurosceptics, standing up to them will only increase her longevity in the top job. The Conservatives have managed to split themselves up into rival factions, each determined to fight against each other to the death, which seems to be March next year. The European Research Group, which has of course been hugely critical of the PM’s Brexit proposal, seems unable to put together a reliable force to topple Mrs May. Their sainted leader, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has said that he doesn’t want her to go anyway. There will always be zealots on the right or ‘bastards’ as John Major called them, who let their own leadership ambitions get the better of them. Every Tory MP thinks that they’ll be PM one day. If the Irish backstop, which the EU have used as a ploy to increase the government’s agony, can be fixed, then Parliament, and especially Conservative backbenchers, will have a hard time persuading themselves to vote against whatever fudged deal comes back, because the other options look so dire. Don’t write of the Maybot just yet.

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