The Sunday Shows Review: Same old, same old

As Theresa May apparently has ’48 hours’ to save her job and that she may stay as PM but have David Davis as party leader, today was the clash of the Brexit secretaries with Keir Starmer, Suella Braverman and Dominic Raab all facing the cameras.

Alistair Campbell told Sophy Ridge that Leave voters are actually ‘disillusioned’ with the Governments handling of Brexit.

Shadow Minister Tony Lloyd refused to say which way he would vote in a second referendum, but that he thinks that the people should be given a ‘meaningful vote.’

Conservative MP Tony Halfon took the unusual step of claiming that Labour had a good chance of winning the next election.

And Brexit minister Suella Braverman assured us all that Government is definitely not in trouble.

Gerry doesn’t really believe her…

Keir Starmer set out his party’s very clear Brexit position:

And on Marr the Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said that a deal needed to be done with Brussels by the end of November and that the Conservatives need to hold their nerve.

It wasn’t exactly an inspiring day, Gerry says…

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