Bill Clinton: Democrats have overcooked the Kavanaugh case

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Bill Clinton has apparently claimed that the Democratic Party in America have ‘overcooked’ the case against Senator Brett Kavanaugh, Gerry can reveal. According to The Spectator’s mischievous and controversial columnist, Taki, the former US President, who was of course accused of covering up an affair with Monica Lewinsky, made the comments at an Oktoberfest Party in Munich. Attending with his wife Hillary, the 42nd President was hosted by Countess Maya von Shonburg-Glauchau, who was once fined £19,00 for mistreating her housekeeper and the pair were apparently transported to Germany by Barry Diller and Gloria Thurn.

Taki, who was fiercely critical of both Clintons when they were in their respective offices, claimed that he had a

brief chat with Bill, and he agreed with me that the Democrats had overcooked it when it came to Kavanaugh.

This quote from Clinton would go directly against the current Democratic or anti-Trump line at the moment, which has been extremely critical of the Kavanaugh appointment.

Strange comment, Gerry thinks…


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