Pizza and plots return as May attempts to save her government

Image result for pizza takeaway

Yummy food has always played a role in the heated and nervous moments of modern British political history. There was the curry house plot, a ultimately successful bid to oust Tony Blair. When Gordon Brown left No10 with short notice in 2010, the incoming Conservatives found empty takeaway pizza all over the office. One figure of the the 2017 Labour election campaign enjoyed the same meal shortly after the results came in. ‘We’re having elections very year and pizza every year’, he said. ‘We really are turning into Italy.’

Last night eight Cabinet members visited Andrea Leadsom’s office for some Domino’s and certainly some heavy discussion. Leadsom has never kept her leadership ambitions quiet, despite her failed campaign in 2016. Despite some at least former May loyalists being involved in the meeting, some who have previously toed the line, Dominic Raab and Michael Gove, could be persuaded to potentially diverge.

The one factor Mrs May is relying on is that the unsure backbenchers will eventually vote for the deal, if one comes back, because its a deal. The two potential alternatives, Corbyn or no-deal, seem more threatening and selfishness for keeping seats instead of a future election may play its part.

Gerry is hungry now…

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