May looks confident in reassuring statement

Image result for may brexit

Theresa May seemed calm and assured this afternoon as she issued a rebuke of the recent fretting over the timings of a potential deal, steering well clear of the ‘inaccurate speculation’ that has engulfed the party and her leadership for may months now. Making yet another Brexit-themed statement o the House, the PM attempted to quell the fears of both hard-core Brexiteers, by claiming that ‘real progress’ has been made on the few remaining issues yet to be resolved. While jeers from the Opposition benches were constant, Mrs May’s own backbenchers were politely supportive, a calming sign amid such leadership scuttlebutt. The PM also resisted the craving from some Eurosceptics to rebuke Brussels on the state of the talks, instead providing a more friendly and pragmatic speech as the talks enter their ‘final stages.’

The Maybot looking comfortable in her own skin for once, Gerry believes…


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