Tim Farron: Religion should play a part in politics

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The former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has claimed that politics should play an active role in politics, in an attack at the ‘liberal secular values’ that are apparently the norm today. In a surprising rebuttal a norm he provided no evidence for, Farron said that policy makers should not be ’empty handed or value free’, also launching a surprising offensive on ‘liberals’, who find it ‘hard to stomach’ that faith can have a positive influence. In a piece for the moderate Conservative think-tank Bright Blue’s magazine Centre Write, the man who gave up the leadership because of the outrage over his Christian views claimed that debate today dismissed religious leaders as ‘at best eccentrics and at worst intolerable’, a strange claim as Justin Welby goes round speaking at the Trade Union General Congress, and with the Church enjoying a large government subsidy.

Gerry is bamboozled, this piece sounds like its from a right-wing fundamentalist…

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