DUP not supporting Brexit deal ‘as things stand’

Boris Johnson leaving No 10

Employing one of the most uninspiring phrases in the English language, the DUP have so far rejected Boris Johnson’s Brexit agreement, ‘as things stand’. With the EU looking to be mainly on side as the Brussels summit begins, the support from home is needed to get the deal over the line with Johnson’s non-existent majority in Parliament.

Gerry thinks that they are going to have to crack…

Last day of Brexit talks before EU summit

Brexit flags

Talks between the EU and the UK to find a Brexit deal have entered their last day before the historic summit, where everything has to be signed off. After speculation that a deal was coming through, Downing Street played it down, stating that there is ‘still more work to do’. Boris Johnson must know that if he is to stay as Prime Minister for the foreseeable future, he will need to get this over the line and get Brexit over with.

Gerry, perhaps guiltily, wants to see this deal get through. At least we can have some normal political infrastructure with it…

Big gap remaining between EU and UK as historic week approaches

Protesters outside the EU Commission building in Brussels

There is a ‘big gap’ still remaining for both the EU and UK to breach if they are to come to a Brexit agreement this week, with the October 31st deadline edging even closer. The UK is willing to compromise more over the customs checks on the Northern Irish border, but the extent of those checks is still a large sticking point between the two sides.

Gerry thinks that it is now or never for a deal, and that one is edging closer…

Brexit talks to continue after ‘promising’ start’

Stephen Barclay

Stephen Barclay is to hold talks with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier after ‘promising’ talks between Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar. Talks will need to go very well if a deal is to be approved around the 17th October EU summit, with problems still arising over the backstop in Ireland, with Ireland so far refusing to budge from their positions, with only the UK slightly compromising.

Gerry thinks they need to get a deal soon to provide certainty…

Varadkar: Deal now ‘very difficult’ before Brexit deadline

Leo Varadkar and Boris Johnson

Irish PM Leo Varadkar has said that it will be ‘very difficult’ for a Brexit deal to be reached before the October 31st deadline, as ‘big gaps’ remain between the two sides. Ireland is stuck in a difficult position where any option apart from revoking Brexit will lead to a type of hard border in Ireland, with both Dublin, Brussels and London issuing harsh briefings on the chances of a deal.

Gerry thinks that he has only option left, to back this poor deal, which is the only solution to avoiding no-deal that is on the table…

Macron: Deal must be reached by end of week

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron has told Boris Johnson that the EU will decide whether to progress with his Brexit plan by the end of this week, as the fatal European Council meeting on the 19th comes ever closer. Over the weekend Johnson said that he thinks a deal can achieved, but the that he is waiting for the EU to give the go-ahead. Brussels is still deeply concerned about the changes to the backstop.

Gerry thinks that they are going to have to accept it…

EU ‘open but not convinced’ by Johnson’s Brexit plan

Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street on 3 October

The EU are not yet convinced but Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan as their choices in an effort to avoid no-deal become ever slimmer. With no majority in Parliament for a second referendum or revoking Article 50, and no-deal supposedly ruled out by the Benn act, this deal is the only way forward for both parties, despite the changes to the backstop arrangement.

Gerry thinks the deal is bad for the country, but not as disastrous as no-deal…