Margot James resigns as prorogation of Parliament is outlawed in Commons

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Cabinet Minister Margot James has resigned from the government after voting against the whip to block any future prorogation of Parliament by Boris Johnson to get a no-deal Brexit through. Rory Stewart, David Gauke, Greg Clarke and Philip Hammond all abstained in the vote, with their ministerial careers surely looking bleak.
Gerry gives them a vote of confidence…

May makes plea for liberal politics in final major speech as PM

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In her last major speech as PM, Theresa May told the assembled crowd at Chatham House today that she was ‘worried’ about the state of politics, which came as a surprise to precisely nobody. Mainly because it was her we were worried about. Anyway, May gave an impassioned speech that was spot on about the threats to the liberal world order from the political extremes and the duty of politicians to do the best for their constituents.

Gerry thought it was actually all right…

Michael Gove continues Tory job-seeking in backing Johnson

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Having seen Amber Rudd change her mind on no-deal in the face of Boris Johnson’s imminent victory in the Tory leadership contest, Michael Gove has said that Johnson would be a ‘great Prime Minister’ despite having described him as unfit to be party leader in 2016. Gove and Johnson had fallen out after the former destroyed his chances three years ago. Now Gove wants a job, and is therefore pandering to his former ally.

Gerry is rather appalled at his sudden change of heart, but not surprised…

Efforts to get Johnson to choose next US Ambassador

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Liz Truss has tried to dissuade Theresa May from choosing the next UK Ambassador to the US in an attempt to let Boris Johnson make the choice. With many criticising Johnson over his refusal to back the diplomat in the wake of Donald Trump’ outbursts, Truss wants her ally to be able to make the choice, with the chance of May making a hostile choice a threat.

Gerry thinks she should stop listening to the Norfolk Turnip Taliban